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100 Wins and counting for Hoyt's Cam & 1/2!


With yet another string of recent victories across the globe, Team Hoyt has eclipsed an unprecedented milestone.

Since its unveiling in 2003, Hoyt shooters have tallied an unbelievable 104 victories (and counting) in the top men's pro divisions with Hoyt’s innovative Cam & 1/2 Performance System - a feat unrivaled by any other bow manufacturer ever.

The highly competitive men's pro divisions include the best of the best – a group of elite, professional target archers who depend on their bows for their livelihood. This division is renowned for record-breaking scores, high-profile tournaments and high-pressure podium finishes. It’s the "Tiger Woods" division of the archery world, and Hoyt shooters armed with the Cam & ½ Performance System continue to tame it week in and week out – leaving the competition little choice but to settle for second best.

Hoyt has been keeping track of its men’s pro victories ever since the Cam & 1/2 hit the market in 2003. Counting IBO, ASA, NAA, NFAA and FITA – all five major tournament circuits worldwide – Team Hoyt has recorded more than double the number of first-place men’s pro victories as its closest competitor. The following is a breakdown of the first-place, men’s pro victories by manufacturer since 2003:

Hoyt – 104
Mathews – 53
PSE – 11
Martin – 5
Bowtech – 0
Other – 1

Hoyt has had great success with every single one of its product offerings – including both two-cam and single-cam bows – but it was the innovative, hugely successful Cam & 1/2 Performance System that revolutionized both target archery and bowhunting. It's responsible for more top pro division podium finishes in the last six years than any other cam system in the world. The same Cam & ½ performance that Team Hoyt target archers rely on to claim the podium is the same dependability that diehard bowhunters everywhere count on to fill their tags.

Ask the best target archers and bowhunters in the world, and they'll tell you that they depend on Hoyt's Cam & 1/2 Performance System for their success. And with Hoyt’s industry-leading cam systems, the world’s best archers never have to worry about losing ground.


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