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Hoyt unveils new Hawk Series bows


PowerHawk & SuperHawk available now at your local Hoyt dealer!

Hoyt is making a big splash in the mid-priced bow category with the exciting introduction of its all-new 2009 Hawk Series compound bows.

Tough, light and affordable, the SuperHawk and PowerHawk are available now in a special 2009 pre-release event. These bows will only be sold through independent Hoyt pro shops.
The SuperHawk features Hoyt’s popular XT 500 laminated limbs and the PowerHawk offers a solid glass split limb. Both bows offer Hoyt’s legendary quality and proven technologies and are equipped with the dynamic new M4 Cam & ½ Performance System, which features four full inches of modular draw length adjustment in ½-inch increments. And with suggested retail prices of $499.00 and $599.00, respectively, the PowerHawk and SuperHawk offer unheard of value and performance at a price all bowhunters can afford.

Both the PowerHawk and SuperHawk are available in draw weights of 50#, 60# and 70#. The SuperHawk is available in draw lengths of 25.5" - 30", and the PowerHawk is available in 25" - 29.5". Let-off on both bows is 75%.

Dealer demand for these bows is huge, as bowhunters everywhere are asking for them by name. So don’t waste any time. See your local Hoyt dealer today to shoot the awesome new Hawk Series bows.

The new Hoyt PowerHawk and SuperHawk: No bows are tougher in the field and nicer to your wallet.










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