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Hoyt Unveils Dynamic New Riser and Limb


Introducing the Hoyt Gold Medalist Xtreme and 990TX

Gold Medalist Xtreme
The masters of bow design bring you the latest evolution in recurve bows - the new 2009 Hoyt Gold Medalist Xtreme (GMX). GMX features new flex tuning to promote a linear and snappy shot reaction. Equipped with the new traditionally-shaped GMX grip in Diamondwood, GMX is also compatible with the Ergo and Ortho grip. GMX features a lateral shift capability, which allows lateral manipulation of the pressure point.

GMX utilizes the latest generation of Hoyt's proven hardlock adjustment system, and a new finer-pitch limb bolt, allowing smooth adjustment of weight and tiller - even when strung. The all-new GMX stands as the pinnacle of Hoyt riser design. GMX specifications: Lengths: 23", 25", 27" Mass weight: 2.875 lbs./1,304 grams Riser style: Hoyt Flex-Tuned Deflex Geometry Weight based on 25" length. 23" length is 2.77 lbs./1,256 grams. 27" length is 3.092 lbs./1,402 grams.

990TX Competition Limbs 
The next step beyond the wildly successful 900CX, Hoyt's new 990TX has a snappier sound, a higher level of feedback to the shooter, and increased torsional rigidity, while retaining the sweet-shooting characteristics and improved velocities of the 900CX. Carbon X-foam core elements and a polymer carbon hybrid power layer ensure all-weather performance. The 990TX's exclusive, advanced polymer skin ensures a tough, durable, vibrant look, and a next-generation, high-modulus, hybrid carbon skin completes this pinnacle of Hoyt limb technology. Optimized for shooters who want a snappy, dynamic reaction, 990TX continues the Hoyt tradition of accuracy, stability, speed and shootability in a good looking, light-mass weight package. Available 22 to 50 lbs. in 2 lb. increments. Lengths: short, medium and long.

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