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Love at first shot: Team Hoyt sounds off on the new 990TX recurve limb and GMX riser


Rave reviews about accuracy and feel

Alan Wills, Beijing Olympian, World Games Silver Medalist, Great Britain National Team on his new GMX/990TX:

Just writing to say this new bow is like no other that I have shot, felt, or looked at- it is absolutely superb.

It’s the best thing ever, I LOVE IT.

The feeling is perfect, very smooth but reacts amazing.  It leaps out of your hand in a quick but controlled way.  It does everything that I want.

I thought that I would never move away from a TEC bar, but I am sold, this bow is solid.

I think we are on to a winner mate.


Larry Godfrey, Athens 04 finalist, Great Britain National Team on the 990TX limb:

I’ve just had a brilliant set up session. I must say it took minutes to set them up – fantastic. I then cut some x10 380’s down and tuned then bow pretty darn quick. I then went on to shoot a 686 720 (indoors). The poundage was a little heavy, but I think with the winter training I will be able to handle it next year – good news.   I am very happy with the new 990TX limbs, and after having them for a couple of hours I shot a 686, not bad eh!!! Also I’m getting 230 KPH using the x10 380 which I am very happy with.

Crispin Duenas, Canadian Olympian on the 990TX limb:
First off, the 990TX's are performing really well. I have been shooting with them ever since I got them 2 weeks ago and I really like what your engineers have done with this limb. On a purely aesthetic note, I like the simplicity of the paint job and the subtle silver "HOYT" on the face of the limb.
 As for the feeling of the limbs, I think this can best be described as a "2 for 1" deal: in my opinion, these limbs have the snappy-ness of the 900CX's with the rock solid feeling shot of the G3s. Really the best of both worlds.
I set them up on my Helix with an 8 5/8 inch brace height to the plunger with a 1/4 inch positive tiller using an 18 strand 8125 string, and my weight is set to 50.5 pounds (give or take .5 pounds).
Using X10 arrows with 3 inch feathers (again in my opinion, the best of both worlds) I shot a half IFAA tournament 2 days after receiving my limbs in the mail.
I shot a score of 300/300 with 51x's which converts to a 591 on a FITA face. I was very amazed as I have never shot a perfect score on an IFAA face. The next weekend I shot a 591 and 592 on an actual 3 spot with the same set-up.
 I'm very impressed with these limbs and don't even notice the extra sound that these limbs supposedly produce.
Michael Peart, Great Britain National Team on the GMX/990TX
 I was really surprised when I was told that Hoyt were bringing out some new limbs. I’ve been shooting my 900CX limbs for over a year now and ive been really pleased with them. I’ve shot competition pb’s with them both indoors and out, 340@50m and 591@18m. They were a good step ahead of the old G3’s so I thought that it would be a while before Hoyt would be able to improve on them. Well I guess I was wrong!
Again upon getting them out of the box they look great, even more impressive than the GMX. The finish is perfect and the metal plate on the front just looks the business. I know that none of this stuff helps me win a shoot or shoot big scores but it’s nice when your bow looks like it’s the best in the world. After all you don’t buy a Ferrari just for its speed do you?
But like a Ferrari speed is important when limbs are concerned. I set up the GMX twice with exactly the same weight and brace. One time fitted with my trusted 900CX limbs that I’ve used all summer and the other time fitted with my super looking brand new 990TXs. I shot the same Easton Fatboy out of both bows. The results were there was a big difference in feeling when shooting the 990s compared with my 900s. The new 990TXs seem to go with much more of a crack but dampen down much quicker than my 900CXs. By dampen down I mean that after the arrows has gone, for about 2 seconds, I can feel my 900s just fluttering/vibrating about but the 990s just stop dead. This all feels great and I believe it’s because the 990s are a much stiffer and stable limb than the 900s which should make them more stable and more forgiving, which is something we all need.
All in all those guys at Hoyt seem to have done it again. I know its early days but I’m pretty darn sure that when I'm hopefully standing on the line at this year’s world championships, the GMX 990TX will be the bow I'm standing there with.
 Update 12/8/08:  Mike took third place at the first major event of the year, the Face2Face indoor in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this past weekend with his (borrowed!) GMX and 990TX limbs.  Mike also achieved a perfect 120 pass in the qualifying round, the highest score posted by any qualifier.

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