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Hoyt Shooters Bring the Broom to Texas


COLLEGE STATION, TX There’s an old saying that everything is
bigger in Texas, and Team Hoyt’s pro shooters’ scores from the recent Texas Shootout were proof that there might be something to it.

A handful of Hoyt shooters eclipsed the coveted 1400 mark in the Shootout’s qualifying round and set the pace for what would be a Hoyt-heavy leader board proving once again that in a tournament where only accuracy matters, Hoyt bows have what it takes to rise above the competition.

Hoyt’s Dave Cousins posted a remarkable 1405 in the qualifying round, and Reo Wilde and Braden Gellenthien followed closely with scores of 1404 and 1400, respectively. Logan Wilde finished fourth in the qualifiers, posting an impressive 1391.

In the final Olympic round, Hoyt swept the top six spots in the men’s compound division. Cousins defeated Reo Wilde to win the gold, and Logan Wilde topped Jeremy Crowther in the bronze medal match. Gellenthien and Josh Binger rounded out the top six for Hoyt.

Not to be outdone by the men, Hoyt’s female compound shooters also put on a show. Jamie Van Natta led the pack with a 1400 in the qualifiers and Erika Anschutz followed with a 1397. Van Natta went on to win the gold in the Olympic round.

Hoyt also had a stellar showing in the recurve ranks. Butch Johnson claimed the silver medal, and in the women’s recurve division, Karen Scavatto and Kate Anderson battled for the top spot, with Scavatto topping Anderson 107-103 in the gold medal round.

Hoyt would like to congratulate all of the shooters who participated and dominated in the Texas Shootout.

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