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Hoyt Has Great Showing at Stanslawski Open





HARTFORD, CT – The World Archery Festival Tour (WAF) recently made a stop in New England, where several Hoyt shooters found the podium, won some cash and shared some laughs.

Tiffany Reeves won the Women’s Compound Unlimited Championship Division with an unbelievable perfect final-round 450 with 40/45x’s. Hoyt’s Christie Colin finished in third place.

Jeff Fabry topped the leader board in the Men’s Freestyle Limited Championship Division. The victory marked his third first-place victory on the WAF Tour.

In the Men’s Compound Unlimited Championship Division, Team Hoyt posted five of the top 10 perfect scores in the final shoot off. Led by Reo Wilde – who shot the highest X-count of the whole tournament –Jesse Broadwater, James Despart, Braden Gellenthien and Andrew Wilson also shot perfect scores. Broadwater placed third overall.

Also of note is Braden Gellenthien’s history-making WAF run, as he cleaned all three WAF events with perfect scores at each venue – Vegas, Louisville and Hartford – and earned a spot in all three shoot-offs. This marks the first time any archer has accomplished this impressive feat.

Any archer who competed in all three of the WAF Three-Star Tour events was eligible to compete in a shoot off for a Ford Mustang or the cash equivalent. Starting at 10 yards, any archer placing his or her arrow in an 1 ½" ring would go on to the next further distance. Archers were quickly eliminated as the distance and difficulty increased. At the 40-yard line, only 14 archers remained – four of whom were Team Hoyt shooters: Keith Trail, Kevin Wilkey, Reo Wilde and Dave Cousins. A "Deal or No Deal" was laid on the line; the archers could go on for the Mustang or each take home $1,000.00. Unanimously, all the archers took the cash. Just to see who the champion would’ve been, they continued shooting, and Hoyt Pro Staffer Keith Trail proved to be the one who would’ve won the Mustang. Keith had a difficult time explaining that deal to his wife, while the other shooters went home happy – and $1,000 richer!

Reo Wilde took top honors in the Novelty Shoot Down Round. The top 32 archers who competed in all three novelty rounds from the WAF Three-Star Tour were eligible to shoot for the cash. Reo edged out his opponent and clinched the gold medal, with Braden Gellenthien and Keith Trail tying for the bronze.

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