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Redding Podium Painted Red by Team Hoyt Shooters.


Redding CA. Team Hoyt shooters had an incredible display of domination at the 2008 Western Classic Trail Shoot/ NFAA Outdoor Marked 3-D Nationals. It was a tight race among Hoyt shooters for the number one position in the Men’s Freestyle Pro Division, coming down to the last point, and once again, last years Redding Champion Dan McCarthy led the charge. McCarthy held strong and shot his Hoyt Vantage X8 solidly throughout the tournament to take another Redding victory. One point behind McCarthy in second place was last year’s Silver medallist and previous Redding champ, Dave Cousins. One point behind Cousins was Hoyt Pro Staffer and 2005 Redding Champion Roger Hoyle.

Since the introduction of the Cam & 1/2 performance system in 2003 there have been more men's pro tournaments won with Hoyt bows than all other bow companies combined.

Hoyt 96

Mathews 50

PSE 11

Martin 5

Bowtech 0

Other 1

Another intense battle was fought in the prestigious two-man team event. After day three, four teams were tied for the number one podium spot- with all 8 archers wielding Hoyt bows. After the single arrow, sudden death shoot-off on the 88-yard elk target, the team of Roger Hoyle and Hoyt Compound Pro Staff Coordinator Kevin Wilkey earned the Gold Medal.The team of Dave Stepp and Dave Cousins won the Silver, and Buck Herand and Dave Taylor teamed up to bring home the bronze. Josh Schaff and Rob Morgan rounded out the fourth place position in the Hoyt sweep..

In the Women’s Freestyle Pro division, Hoyt’s Jamie Van Natta shot a first place score, and right behind Jamie was Erika Anschutz winning the bronze medal. In the Women’s team event, bringing home the cash and claiming the gold medal was Team Erika Anschutz and Tiffany Reeves.

 In the Limited Freestyle Pro division Jeff Fabry was the Bronze medallist. Jeff has had an incredible year shooting his Hoyt. Sweeping all three of the NFAA indoor events and winning the bronze in Redding, his momentum is unstoppable.

The competition was fierce but once again, all the best shooters agreed on one thing- their choice of a Hoyt bow in hand. Stay tuned on Hoyt.com to see Hoyt shooters continue on in their trail of dominance.

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