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New Hoyt AlphaMax put to the test, proven worthy

Team Hoyt


Hoyt Pro Staffer downs trophy-class buck with AlphaMax

Team Hoyt's Ralph Cianciarulo didn’t waste any time recording one of AlphaMax’s first kills. Just days ago – right after arriving in North Dakota for a long-awaited whitetail hunt – Ralph and his brand new AlphaMax found success in the form of a huge-bodied, heavy-horned 11-pointer that tipped the scales at over 250 lbs. 

Ralph and his wife Vicki - two of Team Hoyt's most popular Pro Staffers - had very little time to get their bows ready for their hunt, but the new AlphaMax proved its worth right out of the box.

"We ripped open the boxes and got to work," Vicki said. "The bows quickly tuned without issue, and they shot phenomenally well. They’re SO quiet! The bow is just dead in your hands. You really can’t describe it. You just have to shoot it for yourself to experience how unbelievably quiet AlphaMax is."

"Hoyt really listened to everybody on this one," Ralph said. "Treestand bowhunters in the East and Western bowhunters alike will love this bow. AlphaMax offers exactly what bowhunters and dealers have been begging for … speed, lightweight design, modular adjustment, unbeatable toughness … it’s truly the total package. Hoyt’s engineers have hit a home run with the AlphaMax!"

It’s easy to understand Ralph and Vicki's excitement. With a radical new design and a complete overhaul from cam to cam, the 2009 AlphaMax is a bowhunter’s dream come true. Weighing only 3.9 lbs. and featuring new cam, riser, limb and pocket technologies, AlphaMax is undoubtedly Hoyt’s lightest, toughest, best-performing bow ever.

Hoyt would like to congratulate Ralph on his Pope & Young trophy, and on being among the first to fill a tag with the all-new AlphaMax. For more information on Ralph and Vicki and their fan-favorite "Archer's Choice" TV show, log on to www.archerschoice.com.


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