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Hoyt Shooters, Vantage Bows Shine at Utah Easton Open

by Team Hoyt


SALT LAKE CITY - Hoyt's hometown played host to the recent Utah Easton Open, and Hoyt shooters armed with the new Vantage Elite and Vantage Pro took center stage.

Salt Lake Archery - one of Utah's top Hoyt dealers - hosted the two-day, Vegas-style event, and the action was intense. After a nail-biting shoot-off, Braden Gellenthien put on a total smoke show and took the top spot, with Reo Wilde and Dave Cousins tying for second. Keith Trail, Roger Hoyle, Benton Christensen, Kevin Wilkey and Josh Schaff rounded out the top eight spots for Team Hoyt.

The event was the first major indoor tournament of the season, and it proved to be a true test of Hoyts new Vantage Elite and Vantage Pro. Six of the top eight shooters shot the new Vantage Elite. Gellenthien, Wilde, Cousins and Hoyle all posted unbelievable 28-X 300s with their Vantage Elites both days of the tournament - proving the amazing accuracy of Hoyt's new premiere target compound bow. Keith Trail with his Vantage Pro and Benton Christensen with his Ultra Elite also posted two solid 300 rounds.

Also of note was Team Hoyt Pro Staffer and Hoyt Compound Pro Staff Coordinator Kevin Wilkey winning the 3D event with his Vantage Elite. It was the first 3D event of the season, and yet another testament to Vantage Elite's amazing accuracy.

Cousins and Gellenthien recently wrote a featured article for Hoyt.com in which they praised the Vantage Elite for its accuracy, stability and all-around awesome performance. They predicted the bow would be the talk of the tournament circuit, and after only one event, it's clear that Hoyts new Vantage Series are the bows to beat this year.

Hoyt would like to congratulate all of its shooters on their incredible performance at the Utah Easton Open.

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