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Hoyt Unveils Special Edition Bone Collector Bows!

by Team Hoyt


SALT LAKE CITY - Hoyt - maker of the world's toughest, most reliable bows - announces the release of a dynamic new line of hunting compounds. In partnership with Michael Waddell's "Bone Collector", Hoyt is excited to offer the dynamic new Bone Collector Edition AlphaMax 32 and AlphaMax 35, as well as the Bone Collector Edition Hawk Series. Combining great looks with unbeatable engineering and performance, both series offer a stylish Realtree APG HD camo riser and matte black limbs featuring the Bone Collector logo.

The ultra-light, super tough, lightning fast Hoyt AlphaMax has been the talk of the bowhunting world since its unveiling in October 2008, and Hoyt continues to build the AlphaMax momentum with the exciting introduction of the first-of-its-kind Bone Collector Edition AlphaMax. This dynamic new bow combines the best in bowhunting technology with a style and personality as unique as that of its namesake, Michael Waddell. Hoyt is very excited to give diehard bowhunters this exciting opportunity to shoot the very same bow Michael Waddell shoots! The Bone Collector Edition AlphaMax offers all the great AlphaMax innovations that have made it the bow of choice for serious bowhunters everywhere - technologies such as Hoyt's brand new TEC LITE riser, XTR Cam & 1/2 Performance System, XTS Limbs, and ZT Lock Pocket System - with the added appeal of the Bone Collector logo and limb graphics.

The demand for these new bows is huge, prompting Hoyt to expand the Bone Collector line to include a Bone Collector Edition Hawk Series. The popular, technology-packed, value-priced SuperHawk and PowerHawk offer the same great looks and Bone Collector limb graphics as the Bone Collector AlphaMax - giving serious Hoyt shooters another option when deciding which Bone Collector bow is right for them. The Bone Collector Edition Hawk Series offers Hoyt's new M4 Cam & 1/2 Performance System and a long list of other sought-after Hoyt innovations.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to join the Bone Collector Brotherhood. Visit your local Hoyt dealer to shoot the all-new Hoyt Bone Collector Edition bows today!

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