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Hoyt Takes Charge at AAE Arizona Cup


The high winds and unfavorable weather had little effect on the scorecards of Team Hoyt Shooters at the 2009 Arizona Cup. Braden Gellenthien, the 2008 Arizona Cup champion, had loads of confidence coming off of his first World Cup win of the season as he lead the pack in qualification. With two days of high winds, Gellenthien didn’t seem to notice as he turned in his score as the number one seed with a 1394. Hoyt pros Dave Cousins, Logan Wilde and Josh Binger ranked second, third and fourth respectively.

During the final elimination match play round, Josh Binger turned up the heat and picked off his opponents one by one. "It really felt good to win my first major event," said Binger, as he stood on top of the podium with a gold medal around his neck and Hoyt in hand.

On the Women’s compound side, records were broken and the leader board was dominated with Hoyt Pros. Jamie Van Natta, Diane Watson, Nicky Hunt, Erika Anschutz, and Nichola Simpson all lead the charge as they shot for the top rank.

The finals, just like the qualifications, were also dominated by Hoyt Pros. Two World Cup Champions fought for the gold medal. Jamie Van Natta and Brittany Lorenti shot arrow-for-arrow and it came down to a shoot-off resulting in Brittany breaking the tie and taking home the gold. The bronze medal match was equally intense as Diane Johnston went head-to-head with two-time Vegas Champ, Nichola Simpson. Simpson dominated, taking the bronze. A testament to Hoyt’s accuracy -- nine out of the top ten finishers were all shooting Hoyt bows.

Hoyt would like to congratulate and thank all of those who competed and volunteered in the 2009 AAE Arizona Cup.

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