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Team Hoyt's Peter Elzinga Shoots Highest Score in History, 1419!


Vantage Elite Sets New World Records!

The Netherlands - With an incredible performance with his new Hoyt Vantage Elite, Team Hoyt Pro Staff shooter Peter Elzinga (NED) today broke the existing 144-arrow FITA round World Record held by Roger Hoyle by an incredible five points, giving Elzinga a total of 1419. The Dutch shooter also eclipsed the existing 70M world record with a near-perfect 358 out of 360 points, and he also shot a perfect 360 at 30 meters.

The 144-arrow FITA round is archery's supreme test of accuracy, requiring pinpoint precision with 36 arrows at each of four distances, 90, 70, 50 and 30 meters. The 10-ring at 90 and 70 meters is less than five inches in diameter, requiring nerves of steel and perfectly accurate equipment to shoot this level of score.

Hoyt President Randy Walk expressed his congratulations to Elzinga on behalf of everyone at Team Hoyt. "Peter's incredible score makes all of us at Team Hoyt extremely proud," Walk said. "This level of performance makes the thousands of hours of R&D and the hard work of our team worthwhile. Hoyt has always made supreme accuracy and shootability the cornerstone of our bow design efforts, and this incredible achievement underscores the effort that has gone into making the most accurate bows in the world."

To read the indepth interview with Elzinga visit http://archery.org/

photos by Dean Alberga/www.dutchtarget.com

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