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AlphaMax earns high honors on Bowsite.com!

by Team Hoyt


Bowsite.com, an authoritative source for archery gear testing and review, just released the results of its 2009 "Head2Head Bow Test." AlphaMax rose to the head of the class, taking first place honors in the subjective scores as well as the subjective + speed category!

Developed by noted outdoor writer Jon Silks, Bowsite.com is in its seventh year of testing the industry's top bows. According to Bowsite.com, "The whole idea behind the Head2Head is to ... evaluate the subjective qualities of nine bows head to head. The validity of the Head2Head subjective results lies with the method of testing - blindfolded archers evaluating bows without regard to brand or looks."

AlphaMax sailed through Bowsite's rigorous testing standards and impressed its highly qualified evaluators. Here's what Silks had to say about the AlphaMax, and about the Hoyt brand in general: "To sit atop the competition for the second straight year is a great sign for Hoyt. They are producing rigs that excel in all areas rather than in just one or two. They hold the bar high for others to shoot for and do it all with the utmost integrity. When I get a bow to test from Hoyt it is within spec and generally shoots either as fast or faster than their advertised IBO specs! As a tester I have to tell you that this kind of thing gets me excited. When the company introduced the AlphaMax 32 at only 3.9 pounds I knew they were going to be extremely successful with it. Their grip is one of the best in the bunch and their draw cycle was tops by a long shot. The bow balances well and reports little shock or vibration at the shot. This bow hits high marks across the board - not just here or there."

AlphaMax’s high marks on the Bowsite.com Head2Head Bow Test are a great testament to its industry-leading technologies, performance and innovation.

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