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Randy Hendrix Wins Buckmasters!

Ken Piper


-- The 2009 Buckmasters Expo wrapped up Sunday night shortly after a brand new champion hoisted The Rack trophy high over his head as the new Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor World Champion.

While Randy Hendrix might be a new Buckmasters champion, he’s been a familiar face, having won several qualifiers and coming close to the title more than once. Now it’s time to hand him the cigar, along with the $25,000 check that goes with being the Buckmasters Top Bow champion.

"I’ve been shooting this event for 20 years — I missed the first one you had — but had never won it," Hendrix said. "I’ve won a lot of other events and have won several Buckmasters qualifiers, but I never won the title until now. It has been one of my life’s dreams to win the Top Bow title, and I finally did it."

Hendrix has been such a good shooter and loyal Buckmasters participant that he even has a few fans in the company — folks like Buckmasters founder Jackie Bushman. "I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing my good buddy Randy Hendrix finally walk away with the Buckmasters Top Bow championship," Bushman said. "Like I said after the event, it was like Dale Earnhardt’s streak with the Daytona 500. Here’s a guy who is one of the very best at what he does but just couldn’t win the sport’s biggest event. Dale eventually got his Daytona trophy, and now Randy can add the Top Bow title to his list of accomplishments."

To see the scores and other hi-lights from the Buckmasters got to: http://www..buckmasters.com/bm/Resources/Articles/tabid/135/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/2017/Old-Friend-Is-New-Champ.aspx

Just prior to winning the Buckmasters, Hendrix competed in the first ever Aflac Outdoor Games in Columbus Georgia and asserted his dominance for a first place win. This feat was simply another boost of confidence towards helping Hendrix win the Buckmasters.

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