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Formula Series adds great new limb choice


New F2 limbs offer more choices for intermediate shooters

F2- the newest Hoyt Formula System component


In the fall of 2009, Hoyt launched the premium level Formula System bows with two high-end limb options, the F3 laminated wood-crossweave carbon and F4 X-foam-crossweave carbon limbs.

The results so far have been nothing short of incredible, with wins in every single STAR FITA event worldwide since the start of the 2010 competition season, and world and national records matched and exceeded in just a few weeks.  Formula is among Hoyt’s most successful new recurve releases ever.

Our intention at Hoyt is to expand the Formula system’s benefits across our entire recurve product line.  As a part of that plan, we now proudly introduce the F2 wood-carbon limb.  This intermediate level limb is ideal for the developing shooter, or any competitive shooter on a budget.   It is particularly smooth and fast, with durability and quality on the same level as all other Formula system limbs.

With the same proven maple multilaminate wood core construction and Paralever compatible fittings as the class-leading medal-winning F3 limb, combined with the smooth carbon and glass laminate construction of the popular Hoyt Carbon 550 HDS compatible limb, F2 matches or exceeds the performance of competitor top-line wood-core limbs, at a lower price.

Like all Formula system limbs, F2 features extraordinary smoothness in the force-draw curve, with even a short 66” model on the Formula RX riser showing no stacking even up to 30 inches of draw length -  a level of smoothness and linearity expected from a long limb employing previous technologies.  Enhanced energy storage and low vibration are other benefits of the design.

Featuring the same 500+ dry-fire durability of the F3 and F4, the F2 gives up nothing in quality and durability.  Hoyt’s unmatched static and dynamic alignment and balance means easy tuning and a predictable centershot setting. 

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