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Hoyt Shooters Shatter Competition at IBO!

by Team Hoyt


ROME, GA – Team Hoyt continues its podium-topping run on the IBO circuit! At the Third Leg of the recent IBO Southern Triple Crown, Hoyt shooters showed once again that they have what it takes to outlast the field.

Cara Fernandez and her Hoyt AlphaBurner lead the field in the Women’s Open Pro division, while her Hoyt teammate - perennial IBO podium topper Alicia McHenry and her AlphaBurner - took second place.

In the Senior Pro division, Hoyt dealer Todd Shultz, owner of Shultz's Sports World, took first place. The victory marked Shultz’s second First Place IBO finish this year. Like his female counterparts, Shultz sealed the victory with a Hoyt AlphaBurner. Hoyt dealer Allen Conner, owner of Mountainboro Outfitters, finished fourth in the Senior Pro division with his Maxxis 35.

Also of note for Team Hoyt was Danny Evans and his Contender Elite finishing third in the Men’s Open Pro division - a mere two points shy of first place - and Cody Thompson and his AlphaBurner winning the Semi Pro division.

It should be noted that in IBO competition, there is no arrow speed limit. Most competitors try to shoot the fastest, most accurate bow possible. The fact that AlphaBurner topped the leader boards is proof that this high-tech, ultra-accurate speed demon has definitely earned its stripes in the heat of competition!

Hoyt would like to congratulate all of its shooters on an awesome performance at the Third Leg of the IBO Southern Triple Crown!

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