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Total Hoyt Sweep at 2010 Texas Shootout!

Team Hoyt


Compound and recurve domination

April 15, 2010 College Station, Texas

In another stunning display of Hoyt's technological dominance and individual shooter skill, Team Hoyt has swept yet another major outdoor event, taking every first place position at the Texas Shootout this past weekend in both the compound and the recurve categories. 

In heated Men’s recurve competition, Jacob Wukie took first place with his Formula RX/F4, while Kristin Braun took the women’s gold with her Formula RX/F4.  The unbroken string of Formula victories since introduction is unprecedented for a new recurve bow design.

Team Hoyt’s Brady Ellison also set a new National record in qualification while shooting his Formula RX/F3, with an incredible 682 double 70 round in the howling wind conditions familiar to anyone who has competed at this springtime Texas event.

Team Hoyt has taken the top spot in every major indoor and outdoor event since the start of 2010 with the Formula Series, making Formula the most successful new bow introduction of the century. 

Not to be outdone on the compound side, Hoyt’s Logan Wilde racked up his third major win of the season by taking his second consecutive victory on the USAT circuit, coming off his big win in Arizona earlier in the month and victory at the Iowa Pro Am indoor earlier this season. 

Logan defeated fellow Team Hoyt shooter Ruben Ochoa (MEX) in the gold medal final with a set score of 6-4, while Hoyt’s Reo Wilde, Logan’s brother, won the bronze with a clean set sweep of 6-0.  

In fact, the entire top 6 of the 47 shooters in men's compound shot Hoyt.  4th was Dugie Denton, 5th was Ben Cleland, and 6th was Jesse Broadwater.

Hoyt’s compound women matched the total men’s compound medal sweep, with Jamie Van Natta taking first, Erika Anschutz second, and Diane Watson third.

Hoyt wishes to congratulate all of the participants at the 2010 Texas Shootout!

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