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Record Crushing Scores at Redding 2010 for Team Hoyt

Team Hoyt


Every year thousands of archers flock to Redding California for the Western Classic Trail Shoot and NFAA Marked 3-D Nationals, making Redding one of the biggest outdoor tournaments in the World. Redding is a true celebration of archery that draws all types of archers from across the world. Ask anyone that’s ever shot the Redding tournament and they’ll tell you it’s a favorite. 

The course of seventy different marked-yardage animal targets is stretched across mountainous terrain. Archers shoot all sorts of animal targets -- from butterflies to a Bigfoot -- and almost everything imaginable in between. Archers must factor in the many different elements of wind, angles and distances; which can be very taxing, even for a seasoned pro. All of the targets have the famous orange dot that scores as an 11, vital shots count for a 10, and body shots count as an 8. Archers shoot two arrows per target making each one worth 22 points, with a grand total possible of 1540 for all seventy targets.  The three day event is broken up into 25 targets for day one, 25 targets for day two and 20 for day three.

At the end of day three in the Men’s Open Pro Division there were three Hoyt Pro Staffers near that top 1540 mark. 2009 Redding Champion, Shane Wills, Hoyt’s Pro Staff Manager, Kevin Wilkey and Josh Schaff were in a three-way tie for podium positions with a score of 1534. After the one arrow shoot-off on the 88-yard elk target, Wills walked away with the victory, while Wilkey and Schaff finished closely behind.  Also making the top ten ranks were Jesse Broadwater, Dave Cousins, Ben Hobbs, Randy Tucker and Tommy Daley.

In the Women’s Open Pro division Jamie Van Natta found herself in a familiar position – sitting comfortably in first place. Her third consecutive win was extra special, not only because it was her first Redding win, but also because she crushed the course record with an amazing 1529! Erika Anschutz (2009 Redding Champion) finished second behind Van Natta with the two of them clinching the top two podium positions for Team Hoyt.  Also of note was fifteen-year-old Paige Peirce, who placed third in the money competition, and Christie Colin and Sonya Decramer landing in the top-ten ranking.

Not to be outdone by his older brother Josh, fifteen -year-old Kris Schaff shot a record-breaking score in the Men’s Freestyle division, scoring an amazing 1532. Schaff’s record score would’ve been very competitive in the men’s pro division. Dave Taylor shot an impressive 1529 to take second behind Kris.

Other notable top finishes for Team Hoyt; seven-time World Champion Dee Wilde enjoyed a third place finish in the Senior Pro division, Keith Trail and Logan Wilde won the Men’s Pro team event, and California-native, Buck Heyrend, dominated the Bowhunter Freestyle division with a comfortable six-point lead.

Redding 2010 was another Hoyt dominated event with record breaking performances. Hoyt applauds all of the archers and organizers that help to make the Redding shoot a huge success each and every year.

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