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Hoyt Shooter Arrows Trophy Roe Buck!

by Team


Carbon Matrix shatters SCI world record!

Hoyt shooter Max Hunt and his Carbon Matrix recently made the SCI record book when they arrowed a giant Roe Buck. Here's Max's exclusive report as told to
Realtree.com ...
"There have been rumors going around for a while that a big Roe Buck has been brought down with a bow. In the upcoming edition of BIG GAME MAGAZINE, you can read an article about me bringing down a Roe Buck that might be a new SCI world record with a bow. Today’s world record has 49 SCI points; an unofficial measuring has given my buck around 60 SCI points. According to the SCI rules, the official measuring of the trophy is first allowed 60 days after bringing down the animal. The points are given after measuring the length of the main beams, the inside span of the main beams, the main beam tip and the circumference of the burr.

The stalk on the buck was very interesting - if not nearly impossible. It took around 1½ hours to get close enough to give a safe shot at the buck. It was a shot on a range at less than 8 meters. The hunt has been filmed and will be a part of the film 'Bowhunting in Europe'".

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