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Brady Ellison and Formula RX- World Leaders

Team Hoyt


Hoyt shooters dominating World Cup rankings and new World Ranking List

The 2010 season has seen unprecedented success for Hoyt Formula shooters (with more than 27 Gold Medals and counting), and there’s more proof of the technical superiority of Formula with the release of the new World Archery Ranking List.  Ranking #1 in the world is Hoyt’s Brady Ellison, with an incredible 21 point advantage over the #2 ranked shooter.   Brady and his distinctive pink Formula RX, dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, have become a familiar sight on the podium all season across the world.

 Brady’s top ranking isn’t just limited to the World Ranking List- he’s also the runaway leader for the Longines Precision Prize, leading by 31 10's.  This prestigious honor is for the shooter with the highest 10-count in World Archery competition.  On the women’s side, Hoyt’s Berengere SCHUH (FRA) is only one point off the lead for the women’s category of the Longines Prize.

Brady also has an overwhelming 20-point lead going into the final two events of the season, the 4th World Cup stage in Shanghai, and the Grand Finals in Scotland.  Hoyt's Simon Terry is 2nd in the ranking for the finals.  Other finals contenders include Hoyt shooters CHENG Chu Sian (MAS), Olympic Champion Marco GALIAZZO (ITA), and Crispin DUENAS (CAN).

On the World Ranking List, other Hoyt shooters in the men’s top rankings include Olympic Champion Viktor RUBAN (UKR), Olympic Medalist Simon TERRY (GBR),  Markiyan IVASHKO (UKR), Olympic Champion Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) , Crispin Duenas (CAN),  and Dmytro HRACHOV (UKR).

Top Hoyt women on the World Archery Ranking List include Elena KUZNETSOVA (BEL), Viktoriya KOVAL (UKR), Berengere SCHUH (FRA), Pia Carmen LIONETTI (ITA), Sabrina STRUYF (BEL), Mariana AVITIA (MEX), Aida ROMAN (MEX) and Karina LIPIARSKA (POL).

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