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Hoyt's 2011 Bows Debut Radical New Designs & Technologies!

by Team Hoyt


Carbon Element, CRX, Rampage, AlphaElite, Buffalo & ProHawk Headline Hoyt’s Industry-Advancing New Bow Lineup!

At Hoyt, we’ve always been on the cutting edge of industry leading technology. The 2011 Carbon Element is the pinnacle of Hoyt’s engineering and design dominance, and it shows. Meticulously crafted utilizing a patent pending hollow carbon tube design with high-performance carbon fiber, Carbon Element is the lightest yet strongest bow we’ve ever mastered.

Not only does carbon provide for an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, it’s also warm to the touch, which you will appreciate on those frigid hunts. Our patent pending carbon tube design reduces sound and vibration to unbelievably low levels for the ultimate, stealthy setup. At 32” axle-to-axle, with all the high- performance technology you can pack into a bow and racy cool looks, Carbon Element is the world’s premier hunting bow.

Perfectly balanced and engineered for lightweight performance, durability and an absolutely dead in hand shot, Carbon Element is the culmination of 80 of Hoyt engineering prowess.

Eighty years of bowhunting passion and innovation have culminated in the radical new CRX Series. Every purpose-built inch of the hunt-ready CRX is engineered for optimum results in any conditions – whether you endure long hours on stand or traverse mile after grueling mile. CRX features the sleekest, leanest, TEC LITE riser we’ve ever designed, supporting the new XTS PRO ARC limbs and racy FUEL Cams – delivering a lethal combination of speed, accuracy and vibration-free silence.

Other top-shelf technologies round out the custom CRX package, including our new Perfect Balance Stabilization System®, Silent Shelf Technology®, and our next generation PRO-LOCK Pocket System. With airtight tolerances and rugged durability in 32” and 35” configurations, CRX offers diehard bowhunters 80 years of pure Hoyt vision, innovation and advanced design.

A tight budget shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing your passion. Make the most of your precious time in the woods or on the mountain – and stretch your dollar further – with the all-new Hoyt Rampage Series. This dollar-saving duo includes our sleek, low-profile pocket design, our improved, even quieter StealthShot, and our advanced In-Line Roller Guard System.

Rampage XT comes equipped with the high performance XTS PRO ARC Limb System and our fast, efficient FUEL Cam. Rampage features our new ZRS 12 Split Limb System with our smooth-shooting M4 Cam. Both bows bring you an unbeatable bundle of big-time technology, value-added performance and uncompromising durability. Shoot the Rampage Series and rest assured that you’re toting one high-tech, smooth-shooting, deadly accurate system.

Eighty years of pioneering and perfecting new bow designs has lead to yet another Hoyt first. Introducing the 2011 AlphaElite – the first-ever Shoot-Thru target bow utilizing a long riser with parallel split-limb technology. This radical new design enhances aiming stability, promoting cleaner, faster execution of shots.

AlphaElite leverages next-generation target technologies in a balanced, ideally designed, lightning fast package. It features a 36” axle-to-axle length, a generous 7” brace height, our velocity-packed FUEL Cam and our all-new 3/4” XT COMP Parallel Split Limb System. The long riser, parallel limb design promotes very low recoil and kills vibration for ultra-smooth shots. Custom crafted to own the podium, AlphaElite promises to pound the X-ring like only a Hoyt can.

The versatile 2011 ProHawk is a terrific money-saving alternative for diehards who crave tag-filling Hoyt technology at an unbeatable price. ProHawk features our legendary TEC Riser, slim-yet-super-strong parallel split limbs, and proven Cam & 1/2 technology.

This exciting new offering is engineered for shooters of all ages and budgets. Custom, modular draw length adjustment, lightweight design and legendary Hoyt toughness make the all-new ProHawk a superb, budget-conscious bow choice.

The Fred Eichler Signature Series Buffalo is packed with deadly accuracy and sweet shootability. Buffalo is the high-tech stickbow with key traditional features, including a double-radius shelf for ideal clearance and point-and-shoot ergonomics for instinctive accuracy.

Buffalo blends tradition and modern high performance. Featuring a 19” machined aluminum riser and Hoyt’s advanced Paralever Limb System – derived from the most successful target recurve in 25 years, the Hoyt FORMULA – Buffalo is the new force in traditional bowhunting.

Buffalo is available in 58” and 60” lengths and includes a calf hair side plate and traditional rug rest, padded carrying case, limb sleeves, bow stringer and custom Flemish string.

“With custom features and the perfect length and balance, Buffalo is my dream bow!” said Fred Eichler. “I worked with Hoyt’s engineers to create a perfect balance of sweet shootability, accuracy and speed, with the features most demanded by traditional shooters. It’s also whisper quiet. I love hunting with my Buffalo and you will too!”



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