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Mother of All Shoots Fires Up Western Canada

Team Hoyt


Although the temperatures outside were below zero, archery was fired up at the 2011 Mother of All Shoots in Red Deer, Alberta! With a record number of registered archers from across Western Canada, the Mother of All Shoots lived up to its reputation as being a premier archery tournament in North America.


Saturday night featured the first annual Hoyt Pro Am where the two person team of Al Obrien (Hoyt AlphaElite) and Bill Landrie (Hoyt Vantage Elite Plus) walked away with top honors. Every shooter who participated in the Pro Am was then eligible to shoot through an iron target with the hole getting smaller and smaller until the last shooter was left standing. In the end, Hoyt shooters Cam Herbert and Bill Landrie put on an incredible show for the crowd. Herbert, who was shooting pins stood toe to toe with Landrie as long as he could until Landrie finally capitalized on Herbert's miss, taking top honors out of the 100 archers participating in this classic iron shoot out. Landrie walked away with a Hoyt bow of his choice for his performance adding to a very special night.


On the final day of the tournament, it was Nolan Johnson and his Hoyt Carbon Matrix taking the top honors in the prestigious money division with Hoyt shooter Doug Carlson taking second. Hoyt shooter Cody Draper posted the top score of the entire event with his Hoyt AlphaElite and Cynthia Williams, with her Hoyt Contender Elite, posted the highest women’s score of the entire tournament.  The Hoyt Challenge portion of the tournament, which was a blind draw of a pro level shooter and an amateur, was won by Sam Imbrogno and Steve Milan.


The Mother of All Shoots annual Grand Prix elimination event was the final event for the weekend. Shooters shot unmarked 3D without binoculars against each other until the last shooter was standing. In the end, it was Al Obrien (Hoyt AlphaElite) and Cody Draper (Hoyt AlphaElite) battling head to head for the coveted Grand Prix title. In the head to head shoot off, Obrien pounded the center of the Cobra 3D target putting intense pressure on Draper. In order for Draper to win the event he had to shoot the perfect shot, which he did as the crowd erupted giving Draper the 2011 Grand Prix title.


It was an absolute dominating performance by Hoyt shooters who all put on an incredible show. The Mother of All Shoots is an annual event held in Red Deer, Alberta and is a fantastic event for the entire family. Kids and adults of all ages had the time of their life doing what we all love to do…shoot arrows. Congratulations to the host clubs of Red Deer Archers, Bighorn Archery and Sherwood Park Archery for another hugely successful Mother of All Shoots.


For more information on the Mother of All Shoots visit www.centralalbertaarchers.ca

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