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Team Hoyt Storms Reims

Team Hoyt- Photo credit FFTA


Hoyt dominates in France

Reims - France


In another indicator of things to come this season, once again Team Hoyt has taken more podium real estate- this time at the French Indoor Nationals just held in Reims, France.  In this country of some 70,000 target shooters- the most participants of any FITA country- taking a national title is considered by many to be as hard as a world title- but that's what Hoyt's Pascale LEBEQUE managed to do against veteran Hoyt Pro and past champion, Sandrine VANDIONANT. 


In a hard-fought 6-2 set play victory, Pascale unseated the reigning National Champion and is now on track for the upcoming World Championship in July, taking place in Torino (ITA).

For the second year in a row, Team Hoyt’s Franck Fisseux and his FORMULA RX have taken the Gold Medal at the French National Indoor with another brilliant victory against the best archers in this archery powerhouse nation.

Franck’s strong 584/600 qualificaton score, led him to gold in the grand final, with a flawless victory of 6-0 over Yoann Genty.

Last year in Marseille (FRA), Franck Fisseux won his first French indoor title, also with his Formula RX.

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