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AZ Cup, 10 of 12 Medals Won and 4 World Records

Team Hoyt


Total Gold Sweep for Team Hoyt


With its status of a World Ranking Event and being the first North American outdoor event of the season, compound and recurve archers from across the globe gather every year to test their mettle at the annual Arizona Cup held in Phoenix Arizona.  In the new FITA Compound round, compound archers qualify with 144 arrows at 50 meters, while recurve archers qualify with the traditional FITA round of 36 arrows at each distance of 90, 70, 50 and 30 meters for men, and 7-6-50-30 for women. Once archers qualify, they shoot head-to-head in a single-elimination format down to the top-spot on the podium.


In the men’s compound action, after battling a tricky wind with strong gusts of up to 30 MPH, three Hoyt Pro-staffer names stood on top of the qualification scoreboard; Reo Wilde (USA), Roger Willett Jr.(USA) and Jesse Broadwater (USA). Wilde shot an impressive first half with a new pending World Record of 705. The same three went on to dominate the eliminations, match after match, with a final ranking of Willett winning Gold, Reo Wilde taking Silver and Jesse Broadwater finishing fourth. Broadwater also earned himself a pending World Record, scoring a 149/150 in his ¼-final match.


The women’s compound had a similar story to tell. Three Hoyt Pro-staffers dominated the field earning the top three spots in qualification; Jamie Van Natta (USA), Erika Anschutz (USA) and Christie Colin (USA), respectively. Van Natta shot an impressive half of 691 and a match score of 148 to earn two pending World Records. After the dust of eliminations settled, Colin defeated Van Natta for the gold and twelfth-ranked Hoyt shooter, Stephanie Salinas (MEX), came from behind to win the Bronze from Anschutz.


With just one year until the Olympics, you can bet that Team Hoyt's recurve archers are going  to bring their “A” game to the first outdoor event of the season.  In the Men’s recurve action, three USA Archery team members wielding Hoyt Formula recurves conquered the podium. Brady Ellison won the gold, Jacob Wukie took silver and Jacob Kaminski took the Bronze.


In the women’s recurve competition, USA Archery Team member, Khatuna Lorig, defeated her opponent to wrap up a Gold-Medal clean-sweep for Team Hoyt. Fellow teammate, Heather Koehl, defeated her opponent to win the Bronze. Both Lorig and Koehl shoot the performance-packed Hoyt Formula.


When you’re the best, you have a choice of picking any brand of bow. See for yourself why these medalists, national team members and World Champions choose Hoyt. Visit your local Hoyt dealer and take a Hoyt bow for a test drive. Compare them against any bow and you’ll feel the difference – the difference a Gold Medalist feels when they shoot their final arrow for victory.

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