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Records Tumble to Team Hoyt


Slew of new Compound records as season is under way

Record after record is being set- and broken- by Team Hoyt shooters this month with the advent of the new, 50M World Archery Compound Round.  This precision round requires pinpoint accuracy, stamina and total equipment consistency.  With the 50 meter, 6-ring 80 CM face, a qualification round of 144 arrows, and high-pressure 15-arrow cumulative score elimination rounds, the pressure packed new round is proving popular and challenging for top shooters.

“I’ve set other world records with my shorter, faster Hoyt bows, and the CRX is the smoothest and fastest of all “said Gladys WILLEMS (BEL), jubilant with her new dual World Record (149/150 finals round, 700 qualification round) shot in Almere, NED this week.  Gladys’ 149 breaks the previous World Record set by Hoyt’s Jamie Van NATTA (USA) earlier in the month, a feat accomplished in up to 30 mile per hour wind gusts in Arizona, and equals the current men’s record.

Hoyt’s Peter ELZINGA (NED), holder of the FITA round World Record of 1419, also set a new World Record in Almere, along with Hoyt teammate Sander DOLDERMAN (NED).  As they shot at the same event, both will hold the record with their 707 total for qualification.  (X-count is not used except in case of a perfect score).

That 707 breaks the previous record 705 shot earlier this month by Hoyt’s Reo WILDE (USA), reigning World Champion, at the Arizona Cup in Phoenix, USA.  That same event saw Hoyt’s Jesse BROADWATER (USA) set the still-standing 15-arrow match record of 149/150.

Another set of records was set by Hoyt’s Luc VERDEYEN (BEL) in the Men’s Compound Master’s category, with a 1404 FITA round, 60M 353, double 50 698, and a 148/150 finals match score.

With the season under way, Hoyt shooters have won 9 times more medals so far this season than non Hoyt shooters– and it’s just a beginning.  Find out what it takes to be the best- get your hands on unbeatable Hoyt technology at your authorized Hoyt dealer today!



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