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Cara Fernandez Wins Again


2011 IBO 3rd Leg National Triple Crown

Nelsonville Ohio—The third leg of the IBO Triple Crown and the Triple Crown Overall

As if winning two tournaments in a row and being in the top five all season long was not enough, Hoyt’s Cara Fernandez made winning her third tournament in a row look easy. Fernandez shot nine points higher than her closest competitor. Not only did she win the event, she also took the coveted National Triple Crown Overall with a significant 19 point lead over here closest competitor.

 Fernandez uses the Hoyt Alphaburner equipped with FUSE Carbon Blade Stabilizers, Spot Hogg arrow rest, Axcel sight and scope, Tru-Ball release and Carbon Express arrows.   

In the men’s pro division Hoyt’s Danny Evans had a stellar weekend, Evans placed second, just one point out of first. Evans was actually tied for second with another archer and a one arrow shoot-off was held to determine the winner. Evan’s shoot-off arrow was placed perfectly on 48 yard target and won the shoot-off.  Evans shoots the all-new Hoyt Alpha Elite. Also making the top ten were Tony Tazza, Dan McCarthy and Garrett Ayersman.

3-D legend and owner of Mountainboro Outfitters, Allen Conner and his CRX 35 enjoyed a podium finish, placing third in the Senior Pro division. Just behind Conner, Hoyt’s Mark Klug also had a strong showing placing fourth with his Contender Elite.

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