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Jesse BROADWATER, Three National Titles, World Record, and a Mustang

Team Hoyt and USAA staff (Photo credits: USAA)


With an unprecedented string of victories and podiums, Hoyt Pro Shooter Jesse BROADWATER has achieved the most successful two weeks ever for any Pro shooter.

Beginning at the end of July with his silver-medal performance at the World Championship in Torino, Jesse has proceeded to run the table in the USA’s most important events- taking First place in the USAA Field Nationals, First place in the NFAA Field Nationals, First place in the USAA (NAA) Target nationals, First place in the Hoyt World Open (and a $10,000 prize) and finally winning the World Outdoor Archery Festival Car Shoot off against dozens of Pro and amateur shooters.


What an incredible performance!


USAA Field nationals


The week started off auspiciously, with Broadwater dominating the USAA Field and team Hoyt taking 11 of 12 medals.  BROADWATER, 2010 World Field Champion and Hoyt shooter Dave COUSINS (USA) and 2009 World Games Champion Kevin WILKEY (USA), Hoyt’s Pro Staff Coordinator, led the sizable men’s compound field to take the podium in first through third, respectively.  The fight for second and third couldn’t be closer- Cousins and Wilkey tied on raw score- Wilkey had the highest 6 ring count (former X ring) but a higher combined 5 and 6 ring count awarded second to Cousins.

In women’s compound, it was Team Hoyt’s Jamie VAN NATTA (USA) and Paige PEARCE (USA) taking the top two steps on the podium, followed by Hoyt shooter Samantha NEIL for third.

In recurve, Team Hoyt’s Brady ELLISON (USA) and Jake KAMINSKI (USA) took first and second, while Philip BALDOWSKI took third with his Hoyt recurve.  Team Hoyt’s Heather KOEHL (USA) and Hoyt shooter K.J. GRANVILLE took second and third, respectively, in Women’s recurve.


NFAA Field Nationals

Jesse, Dave and Kevin had a similar 1-2-3 finish in the NFAA Field Nationals men’s Pro category, with WILKEY shooting only the 6th perfect 560 ever in his bronze performance, and Jesse taking the championship.  Jamie Van NATTA, Christie COLIN and Erika ANSCHUTZ took the podium for Team Hoyt’s Pro Women in first, second and third, respectively.

USAA Target Nationals (127th National Championship)

But the week was just warming up- and along with the tremendous heat and humidity that hit Yankton, Jesse Broadwater was just getting started.  On to the USAA’s 127th National Target Championship- four distance, 90, 70, 50 and 30 meters, with 36 arrows each- a grueling test in the extreme heat and humidity which Jesse proved more than ready for.  Ten after ten on the distant target put Jesse in the lead from the beginning and he never looked back, culminating his victory with an incredible achievement- a New World Record 360 (perfect) with 34X (of 36 possible) at 30M.

With his win, Broadwater also claimed the 2011 Easton Award, presented to the compound archer placing highest in the USAA National Indoor, USAA National Field and USAA National Target Championships, while Dave Cousins (ME) ended as the third ranked American archer, shooting a 1402 overall.


The broiling heat was no deterrent to number one World Ranked recurve archer Brady Ellison (AZ), who finished on top at both 50 and 30 meters, ending his event with the National Championship title, the Gold Dallin Medallion, and a score of 1362, as well as the Shenk Award for recurve archers placing highest in the USAA National Indoor, USAA National Field and USAA National Target Championships.

For fellow Resident Athlete Jake Kaminski (CA), it was solid performances at both of the short distances that landed him a 1332 to lock down the second spot. World Archery Championships teammate Joe Fanchin (CA), also coached by National Head Coach Ki Sik Lee, shot top three scores at 50 and 30 meters to clinch the third spot.  All three of the star American athletes shoot Hoyt’s Formula system recurves.  Team Hoyt Formula shooter Khatuna Lorig (CA) was first at 50 meters with a 346, and ended as the second ranked American woman with 1329 and a silver Dallin Medallion.


For the compound women, Jamie Van Natta (OH) seemed determined to reclaim both her National Championship title and Easton award, finishing first at 50 meters and second at 30 for an overall title-winning score of 1412. With her strong performance this week, Van Natta also tied her own previously set world record.

Other Team Hoyt compound women on the podium included Erika Anschutz (OH), with a solid 349 at 50 meters to finish second with an overall score of 1393. World Archery Championships teammate Christie Colin (PA) turned out a third place 358 at 30 meters which gave her the third spot for the Championships with a 1388.


Hoyt World Open


The excitement on the field was palpable at the Hoyt World Open finals Saturday night. Spectators including the most experienced of archers and locals from the community were on the edges of their seats, cheering their friends and wishing for their success as archers shot for their share of over $54000 in potential cash prizes from Hoyt as the title sponsor, and USA Archery.

The biggest story of the evening continued to be Hoyt’s Jesse Broadwater of Jennerstown, PA, the archer who accumulated two USA Archery National Championship titles this week and a new World Record, as well as the coveted Easton Award. Broadwater again shot his way into the finals, this time against one the world's top ranked compound archers. Both archers opened with 30s to start the contest, and then Broadwater took a one point lead in the second end, and never looked back. With his final three arrows, Broadwater clinched yet another gold medal win for the week, and a check for $10000.

In the women's gold medal match, Team USA's Heather Koehl (WI) met Ya-Ting Tan (TPE), the top seeded female archer overall. Tan, having shot a 1350 in the junior category for the ranking round, was a tough competitor in the finals. Koehl opened with a two point lead after the first set, but Tan took the second, third and fourth sets to win the $10000 prize and the gold medal. Koehl received $2500 for her silver medal win.   Both women shot Hoyt recurves in their showdown.

The men then took to the field, with a true showdown between friends and Hoyt teammates Brady Ellison (AZ) and Jake Kaminski (NY), shooting for the men's recurve gold medal and the $10000 cash prize. It was a tough battle between these two powerhouse shooters, with a give and take in the first two sets to tie the score up. Ellison gained a 4-2 lead in the third set, and clinched the gold medal win with a 6-2 victory, giving Kaminski the silver medal.

On the compound side, it was no less exciting; with Hoyt shooters Andrea Gales (GBR) and Samantha Neal (NY) shooting a straight 50 meter match of 15 arrows for a total possible cumulative score of 150. Neal opened with wins in the first two ends, and then Gales took the third, and then increased her lead to three points going into the final end. Remaining strong, Neal took the bronze medal for the United States and the cash prize as well.

In the women's compound gold medal match, it was multi-time World Record holder Jamie Van Natta (OH) shooting for gold against Christie Colin (PA), fellow Team Hoyt shooter, World Cup and World Championships medalist. Colin opened with a strong four point lead in the first end, and held the lead for three ends. Though Van Natta narrowed Colin's lead a one point gap and then a tie, it was not enough to stop Colin, who took the one arrow tiebreaker shoot off with a solid ten to win gold and the $10000 prize, while Van Natta took the silver and her own $2500 prize.

For the men's bronze match, it was a meeting between Hoyt's own Kevin Wilkey (UT) and Team Hoyt’s Rod Menzer (WI), both World Champions and both good friends.  With  Wilkey coming off top scores during the USAA and NFAA field events, he had the momentum needed to win. Though it was a 29-all tie in the first end, Wilkey established a commanding lead after the second end. Strong shooting from Wilkey increased the lead heading into the final end, to give him the bronze medal and the cash prize.


WOAF Car Shoot off

As the compound men's gold medal match was the last of the evening, the incredible Jesse Broadwater proceeded to participate in the New Car Shoot-Off, an event open to the dozens of archers who participated in both the NFAA Outdoor National Championships and the USA Archery National Target Championships. Under quickly darkening skies, archers shot at a non-standard small target face, in a "sudden death" round that eliminated archers as soon as they missed the gold. The field was quickly narrowed from over a hundred archers, and in just four rounds, Jesse Broadwater took his third new car win from the NFAA.

"I'm just amazed," said Broadwater after climbing out of the seat of the new Ford Mustang that was driven out to the field so that archers could see the prize they were shooting for. "A lot of emotion and excitement came out in the end today, and I'm just really amazed."

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