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Rodger makes it three in a row

Team Hoyt and USAA (Photo Credit: Dean ALBERGA, World Archery)


Unprecedented accomplishment for the top-ranked recurve and compound World Cup shooters

Never before has anyone won three World Cup stages in a row… and now two Team Hoyt standouts have done it in two separate categories.

The third edition of the World Cup in Ogden Utah has become a favorite stop on the worldwide circuit with great weather and a stunning mountain backdrop.  But all that faded into the background this week, as both Hoyt recurve shooter Brady ELLISON (USA) and compound star Rodger WILLET Jr. (USA) made history with victory in three straight Gold Medal finals – the first two being Porec, Croatia and Antalya, Turkey.

“It’s unprecedented and amazing at this level of competition” said George Tekmitchov, World Archery official commentator and Hoyt engineer.  “This level of domination has never been seen in world level competition before.  Two in a row- sometimes.  Three?  Never before.  And two from the same country in two different categories?  Almost unbelievable.”

After dominating the matches for seemingly-easy victories in Porec, and Turkey, Rodger had more of an uphill battle in Ogden, after a few weeks of hard work on a form issue.  When asked what he'd been working on in practice, Willett commented: "Just trying to stay focused and stay on a good practice routine; I've had a little issue with my form and I've just been working really hard."

In the women's compound gold medal match, the U.S. women's team of Jamie Van Natta (OH/USA), Erika Anschutz (TX/USA) and Christie Colin (PA/USA), all Team Hoyt shooters, were determined to repeat their performance at the World Archery Championships in Torino, and stood a good chance, coming off a new world record in team rounds earlier this week. The team opened with a solid initial lead against the Hoyt shooting team from India, and steadily closed the door with shot after shot in the gold. Leading 112-106 at the half, the women of Team USA kept pushing forward to a 228-218 gold medal victory, with India taking the silver.

Not to be outdone, brothers and Team Hoyt shooters Logan Wilde and Reo Wilde helped lead the USA men to yet another Gold medal in the team round, handily defeating Canada in the final. 

Hoyt's Erika Anschutz took the silver medal for the USA.

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