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Team Hoyt Turns Up the Heat in Louisiana


The Final ASA of the 2011 Season



Team Hoyt Turns Up the Heat in Louisiana


The final ASA tournament of the 2011 season was held in Monroe, Louisiana, this past weekend. With temperatures reaching into the 100’s, Hoyt shooters depended on their quality equipment to get them through the intense heat at the ASA Classic.


After the first day of competition Hoyt shooters, Cara Fernandez, Allen Conner, Lyle Plum, Danny McCarthy and Jame Jamison found themselves in contention for the coveted ASA Classic Championship. All were shooting in the top group of their classes on the final day of competition.


After Saturday’s competition, Allen Conner of the Senior Pro Division had won Shooter of the Year honors for the second year in a row and was leading the Classic going into the pro-pressure shoot down. Conner dominated the shoot down and on the sixth and final arrow, had the option of not shooting an arrow for the Classic win. Conner elected to wrap up his fantastic 2011 season by drilling the 14 ring with his Hoyt CRX 35.


In the Woman’s Pro Division, Cara Fernandez became the only pro archer in 2011 to make every single pro pressure shoot down, never leaving the top five all year on the ASA circuit. Fernandez entered the pro pressure shoot down in fourth place and quickly put her Hoyt Contender Elite to work moving up to second. Fernandez finished second in the Shooter of the Year and at the ASA Classic. Hoyt’s Kailey Johnston received Rookie of the Year honors for her impressive debut year in the Woman’s Pro Division.


After an outstanding round, Hoyt’s Jame Jamison was tied for the lead at 32 up. Also joining him in the pro pressure shoot down were Hoyt shooters, Danny McCarthy and Eric Griggs. Jamison immediately took the lead by hitting a 12 ring on his first target. As the shoot down was coming to an end, Jamison was faced with the decision to shoot at the 14 ring to take the lead going into the final arrow. His Hoyt Vantage Elite Plus hit the 14 and put him into a two point lead for the final shot. To the shock of crowd, his competitor hit a 14 to take the lead by two, putting all the pressure on Hoyt’s Jamison. He took aim on the grazing deer target, the crowd went completely silent and Jamison let down. As he pulled back up, he released a perfect shot, smoking the 14 ring for the ASA Classic win. The crowd erupted and fellow shooters ran to congratulate Jamison on his first ASA professional win and stellar performance.


Congratulations to all of Team Hoyt’s shooters on a memorable ASA Classic.



 Photos by  www.archerynewsnow.com


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