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Team Hoyt takes European Championship and Olympic Qualifying Event

Team Hoyt (Photos: Dean ALBERGA, dutchtarget.com


Gold Medals for men’s compound and men’s recurve European Champions.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With 70% of the recurve field shooting Hoyt bows, as one might expect, Team Hoyt dominated the medal count and the podium at the 20th European Outdoor Target Championship taking medals in every individual category- Men’s recurve individual, Women’s recurve individual, as well as in Men’s recurve teams, Women’s recurve teams, and Recurve mixed teams.

Team Hoyt shooters also won four of the six precious Olympic Games slots earned through the Continental Quota/Qualification Tournament (CQT), a separate event that decided Olympic Games slots for European and Mediterranean countries that didn’t earn them at the World Championship last year.

Team Hoyt stars included Rick van der VEN (NED) taking the men’s recurve European Champion title, Guy Matzkin (ISR), Rick van den Oever (NED), Christine Bjerendahl (SWE) and Elena RICHTER (GER) winning Olympic Games slots, and the all-Hoyt team of Netherlands winning the men’s recurve team event.

In compound it was a similar story, with Sergio PAGNI (ITA) taking men’s compound gold, and the all-Hoyt team of France winning the men’s team round title.  Other Hoyt compound standouts included the following:

Individual Men

1 Sergio Pagni ITA

3 Paul Titscher GER

4 Vladas Sigauskas LTU

6 Pierre Julien Deloche FRA

8 Christophe Doussot FRA


Men’s Compound Team


Pierre Julien Deloche

Dominique Genet

Christophe Doussot



3 Team  Netherlands


Peter Elzinga

Mike Schloesser


Women’s Compound

2 Anastasia Anastasio ITA

4 Pascale Lebecque FRA

5 Ivana Buden CRO

6 Caroline Matret FRA



Women’s Compound Team

1 Team Germany  

Andria Weihe

Mikala Melanie


2 Team Italy

Laura Longo

Anastasia Anastasio


3 Team France

Pascale Lebecque

Caroline Martret

Joanna Chesse


Mixed Compound Team

1 Team Netherlands

Peter Elzinga

Inge Van Caspel

2 Team Italy

Sergio Pagni

3 Team Russia

Albina Loginova



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