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Hoyt shooters win big at the 2012 NFAA Classic in Yankton


Gillingham, Van Natta and Tedford drop the hammer.

The NFAA Classic concluded the World Archery Festival three star tour. After some intense wind and competitive pressure, Hoyt shooters stood on top. In the Championship Freestyle Male division, Tim Gillingham commanded a solid lead on day-one and clinched the win on second day of the tournament. Jesse Broadwater shot the highest single round  score of 597 and landed a spot on the podium below Gillingham. Seven of the top ten were all shooting Hoyt. Reo Wilde 4th,  Logan Wilde 6th, Roger Willett Jr. 7th, Rob Morgan 8th and Paul Tedford in 10th.  


In the Championship Senior Freestyle division, two Hoyt pros made the podium. The Vegas and Indoor National Champion Tony Harbaugh placed just ahead of fellow Hoyt Pro Staffer Dee Wilde.


In the Championship Freestyle Female division,  Jamie Van Natta took the win with a commanding fifteen point lead over fellow Hoyt Pro Staffer Erkia Anschutz.


For the grand finale, any archer that competed in all three stops of the WAF 3-star tour were eligible to shoot off for a new Ford Mustang. Starting at 10 yards, archers would shoot for the gold, if they missed they were eliminated. Anyone hitting the gold would go back ten yards and shoot again, progressively working their way back in distance and difficulty with each end. The field was narrowed down to two Hoyt shooters for the final end at fifty yards. Jesse Broadwater and Paul Tedford fired their arrows and Tedford nailed the gold, winning a brand new car.    

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