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Hoyt's McCarthy & Fernandez Win ASA Classic


For the final event of the year Hoyt took top honors in both the Men's and Women's Pro Divisions

After the first day of competition Hoyt's Danny McCarthy found himself in perfect striking distance to make the shoot down on Saturday night under the lights. After yet another impressive round with his Alpha Elite, McCarthy entered the shoot down in second position, trailing by a mere six points. After four arrows McCarthy had tied the lead and entered the sixth and final arrow with a two point lead, which resulted in a victory for McCarthy. This marks one of many Classic victories for McCarthy and his second win on the ASA tour this year. Hoyt's Tim Gillingham made the shoot down round and finished fifth.


Entering the final ASA event of 2012 Cara Fernandez had winning her first ASA Shooter of the Year award in her sights. After day one of competition Fernandez and her Contender Elite burned up the range with an impressive ten up score and ten point lead. "It was the cleanest round of archery I have ever shot," stated Fernandez. After another strong day of shooting, Fernandez entered the shoot down with a twelve point lead and the 2012 Women's Pro Shooter of the Year Honor. Fernandez sealed the win without having to shoot a final arrow and marked her second Classic Win over the past three years and her fifth win of the season on the ASA Tour.


Of the Senior Pro Division Hoyt's Allen Connor wrapped up an impressive 2012 archery season with a strong second place finish for Shooter of the Year.


In the K-50 Division Hoyt shooter Daniel Matthews clinched the ASA Classic win and the ASA Shooter of the Year title. Matthews shoots the 3-D dominant AlphaElite.


In the hotly contested Semi-pro division, Hoyt shooter Michael Fryfogle was clutch and sealed the win with a thirteen point lead. Fryfogle will be a force to be reckoned with in the 2013 Pro Class.


Congratulations to all of Team Hoyt on impressive shooting this ASA season.

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