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2013 NFAA Indoor Nationals, Louisville KY


Team Hoyt lays claim to some serious podium real estate, claiming 7 of the 9 pro podium positions.

In the Pro Female Freestyle division Erika (Anschutz) Jones was unstoppable. Fresh off of a Vegas win, Jones will still in the zone. Shooting her new Pro Comp Elite, Jones set a new NFAA Indoor Nationals record with a perfect 600 with 119X’s.  Tied for second were fellow Hoyt shooter, Jamie Van Natta and Cara Fernandez. To settle the score, both Van Natta and Fernandez went into a sudden death shoot-off. After an intense four rounds Van Natta clinched second leaving third to Fernandez.


Racking up more podium finishes for team Hoyt, in the Pro Male Freestyle division there were five Hoyt shooters with perfect 600 with 120X scores, all of which were shooting the most dominant bow in 2013, the Pro Comp Elite and Pro Comp Elite XL. Leading the pack were Jesse Broadwater and Rob Morgan who claimed two of the three podium positions. Bridger Deaton, Jacob Phelps, and Reo Wilde also joined the elite group for the final shoot-off.


In the Senior Pro Male Freestyle division, the lead was handed off a few times and ended up in the hands of Tony Harbaugh. Since joining the ranks of the Senior Pros, Harbaugh has been dominating the podium. The Senior Pros also had some serious competition with walking legend Randy Ulmer making a comeback. Ulmer who finished in second, has been out of competition for a number of years, however, he’s quickly proving that he still has game.   


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