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Jesse Broadwater and Ivana Buden win Pro Archery Series Event in Mullenborn GER


Field archery master and reigning World Field Champion, Jesse Broadwater (USA) tried his hand at a different type of field archery this past weekend in Mullenboro GER. The Pro Archery Series events offer more of an extreme course layout, with steeper and longer shots compared to what you’ll find in a traditional field round.  Regardless of the conditions and challenging terrain, Broadwater and his Pro Comp Elite led the field and clinched the win at his very first Pro Archery Series.

In the women’s compound division had a Hoyt clean podium sweep. Reigning World Field Champion, Ivan Buden (CRO) and her Pro Comp Elite lead the charge with comfortable 12 point lead. Former World Field Champions Anne Lantee (FIN) and Gladys Willems (BEL) placed 2nd and 3rd respectively to wrap up the clean sweep.  

It’s no accident that the podium is dominated by Hoyt shooters. When you’re at the top of your game you need a bow that can give you the extra edge in any challenging condition. Hoyt bows are engineered to win and shoot the best when everything is on the line. See for yourself at your local Hoyt dealer why the best shooters in the world shoot Hoyt. Get serious. Get Hoyt.

Photo Credit: Dubravko Buden

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