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Wilde, Usquiano and Stepanova win World Cup


World Archery’s premiere World Cup Events are the ultimate proving grounds for the most accurate archers in the world. The distances are known and competing archers all shoot in the same conditions. No guessing involved, just flat-out shooting. There are only four divisions in World Cup Archery; Men’s and Women’s Compound and Men’s and Women’s Recurve. This type of competition weeds out all the variables, it simply comes down to the archer that shoots the best score and wins their matches. Since the inception of the World Cup Events in 2006, Hoyt has been the dominant bow of choice for the regular visitors to the podium. At World Cup 3 in Medellin COL, Hoyt remained on top.

In the Men’s Compound division, where the highest scores are usually shot, Hoyt’s Reo Wilde (USA) was the man with the straight shot to the podium. After cruising through the eliminations with some good weather and high scores, the wind picked up a lot for the medal matches and made things more interesting. “The wind was really challenging, I actually shot a zero in the mixed team event. Although I’m thrilled to get the win, my score to win the individual gold was a lot lower than my average, but it was pretty good for the conditions.” commented Wilde. Reo shoots the Pro Comp Elite XL with the Spiral-X cams.  All of the top four Hoyt shooters were shooting the 2013 Pro Comp Elite.

The all Hoyt, French Team of PJ Deloche, Dominique Genet and Chris Doussot won the team rounds and took the gold.

The Women’s Compound division had some hometown favorites in the medal matches. Alejandra Usquiano (COL) took down some big names in archery to ultimately face the most dominant archer in 2013, Erika Jones (USA).  In a close match with some strong wind, the two Pro Comp Elite shooters faced off and Usquiano defeated Jones in front of all of her biggest fans. Past World Cup Champion, and new elimination match world record holder, Sara Lopez (COL) shot for the bronze and finished in fourth. Of the top 16 women, 14 of which were all shooting Hoyt. Lopez shot the Pro Comp Elite for her clean 150 10X World Record. Lopez’s 150 10X actually ties the World Record Men’s score held by Reo Wilde.

In the Women's Compound team rounds, the all Hoyt Pro Comp Elite, USA team of Erika Jones, Carli Cochran and Brittany Lorenti went on to defeat the all Hoyt Pro Comp Elite, Colombian Women’s team of Alejandra Usquiano, Sara Lopez and Maja Marcen. 

Team Hoyt's Marcella Tonioli and Sergio Pagni from Italy won the gold in the Compound Mixed team event.

The women’s recurve division had a new face on the podium. New to team Hoyt, Inna Stepanova (RUS) had a dominant showing with her ION-X with F7 limbs and won the individual gold medal. 

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For full results go to www.worldarchery.org

Photo Credit: Dean Alberga www.dutchtarget.com

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