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Wallace Wins ASA World Classic Championship


Cullman, Alabama

Hoyt’s Jack Wallace II started the tournament in the lead with a solid 12 and never looked back. After 40 targets Wallace had an 8 point lead going into the final 5-target Pro Pressure Shoot-down Round. Wallace nailed 4 out of 5 12’s extending his lead by 12 points, eliminating the need a 6th target. After the final shot Wallace let out a triumphant victory yell and fist pumps to the crowd, who rushed in to congratulate him and his domination of the shoot-off.

The win was an emotional one for Wallace; the ASA Classic was the final win needed for Jack to complete a career 3D archery slam of winning every major National, World, Shooter of the Year and over-all title the game has to offer. Jack is only the 3rd Men’s Pro Archer to ever complete the task. Many 3D archery fans know Wallace survived a near-fatal car accident several years ago. Jack said “the road back to winning a World title was tough mentally…my Hoyt bow made the physical part easy.”  Hoyt is very proud of Jack’s choice of equipment and his amazing domination of the ASA Classic.

Hoyt Pro Andy Callaway had a strong showing and clinched the Rookie of the Year title. Callaway's solid season aslo earned him 3rd place in the Shooter of the Year standings.

Up-and-comer Dave Houser steam rolled the Young Adult division with a comfortable 18 point lead. Houser’s win along with winning all 6 of the previous 2014 ASA events also earned him the coveted Shooter of the year title.

Another up-and-comer Cheyenne Gregg won the Youth Girls class with her Pro Comp Elite FX.

Hoyt shooters Sam Wolthius and Daniel Mathews had a dominant ASA K-50 run by placing 1st and 2nd for Shooter of the year.

Donnie Thacker and Matt Varnes placed 3rd and 4th in the K-50 division.

When the best shooters in the world set their sights on the biggest prize, there is no question that Hoyt is the bow of choice. For more on the world’s best bows, visit your local Authorized Hoyt dealer.

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Photo Courtesy: www.bowjunky.com

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