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Q&A with Peter Elzinga

A conversation with Team Hoyt's New FITA Round World Record Holder!

HOYT: Congratulations on your new world record! Describe what it was like to shoot a 1419 - the new world record in the 144-arrow FITA round.

Peter: Thank you very much! It feels unbelievable to shoot a score like this! When you get home and your phone doesn’t stop ringing, you realize what you really did … and that feeling is great!

HOYT: That kind of shooting requires rock-solid nerves and complete concentration. How were able to stay focused at the line shot after shot?

PETER: I started a little slow with in my 3rd round on the 90 meters. I shot a 55, but after that, everything came together and I stayed focused until the end. After my 70-meter world record (358/360), I knew that a world record was within my reach. I just tried to take the shots one at a time. That helped me keep focused.

HOYT: Your Hoyt Vantage Elite definitely did its job. What do you like best about this sweet-shooting bow?

PETER: That bow aims so good! I’ve never shot a bow like this before. Also, the speed and the hard stop of the Spiral-X cams helps a lot because my draw length is not that long. I’m amazed at the speed the bow gives me!

HOYT: You also shot a 144-arrow, 1400 round in Croatia at the World Cup Qualifying Round in May. You’re definitely in the zone this year! To what do you attribute your outstanding shooting?

PETER: From the indoor season until now my scores have been really good. I practice a lot and keep my bow well-tuned. With the Vantage Elite, this is no problem at all.

HOYT: Tell us how you got started in archery. Who introduced you to the sport? How long have you been shooting?

PETER: I got started in archery because both of my parents shot a lot when I was young, and they took me to our local archery club. I started shooting when I was nine, so I’ve shooting for 19 years now.

HOYT: What drew you to competitive archery? What about it really appeals to you?

PETER: My mother went to the world championships in Birmingham in 1995, and that really got me into it. One year later, I made the Dutch National Team, and I’m still on the team today. I really like to shoot competitions.

HOYT: How long have you been on Hoyt’s Pro Staff? How has that relationship impacted your shooting and your career?

PETER: I have been on Hoyt’s Pro Staff for five years now, and it has been great! My shooting has improved so much. I’m glad that I’m still shooting better scores every year. The bows are no doubt the most accurate I’ve ever shot. And I really like how everyone on Hoyt’s Pro Staff is willing to help each other out.

HOYT: What’s next for you? What tournaments will you be competing in next?

PETER: The next big tournament is World Cup Stage Three in Antalya, Turkey. After that, I want to go to the World Championships in Ulsan, Korea. And then I hope to compete at the World Cup Finals in Copenhagen.

HOYT: What goals do you have for the remainder of your 2009 season?

PETER: The World Championships and the World Cup Finals are what I plan to really concentrate on this year, and then we will see what happens from there. Final rounds are tough, for sure, and in this system, 12 arrows is not that much. I plan to focus on each shot and shoot the very best rounds I can.

HOYT: Is there anything else you’d like Hoyt.com readers to know about you?

PETER: If there is anything I can do to help other Hoyt shooters, just ask!

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