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Ten minutes with "T-Bone"

Travis "T-Bone" Turner dishes about his recent success with the all-new Hoyt Maxxis!

HOYT: What was your first impression of the Maxxis?
TRAVIS: I liked it a lot! I had studied the changes in the catalog and was really pumped when my Maxxis arrived! My first impression was that Hoyt had taken an awesome bow in the AlphaMax and polished it into the new Maxxis.

HOYT: How much time did you have to set up your Maxxis before you hunted with it? Tell us about that first hunt.
Well, just like we did last year, Michael, Nick and I set up our new bows while we were on the road in Kansas. The bows tuned so easily! We took a few shots to sight them in and we were ready for the woods. As for filling our tags during our first hunt with the Maxxis, we didn’t kill on the very first day, but just a couple days later, I was fortunate to draw first blood! The bow preformed flawlessly. I have such confidence in my Maxxis, and that’s so important. Having complete confidence in your equipment and set up makes all the difference in the world. With Hoyt, I always have that confidence.

HOYT: Talk about your other successful hunts this season. Where did you hunt, and what did you shoot?
TRAVIS: After our Kansas hunt, we went to Indiana, where I ate a tag sandwich, but Waddell and Nick both got their first kills with the Maxxis. Then we went to Illinois, where I let the Maxxis eat once again. And three days later, we drove over to Iowa and on our second day, we just couldn’t contain the carnage! The Maxxis had struck once again! Three good bucks in two weeks. Who can’t smile about that?!

HOYT: What hunts do you have coming up next? Any new destinations?
I’ll be hunting in Ohio in January right before the big Archery Trade Association show, and then back to Texas for the first of February. And I’ll try to squeeze a Florida hog hunt in there, too.

HOYT: Anything else you want Bone Collector fans to know about? Anything new on your Website ... any upcoming shows you'll be appearing at, etc?
We just want to encourage everyone to keep up to date with our Websites. We have lots of cool products and we’ll all be burning up the roads in the off-season doing appearances across the country. We’re really enjoying the ride and we appreciate everyone out there who shares our passion for the outdoors and is a part of the Bone Collector Brotherhood!

To learn more about Travis “T-Bone” Turner, check out www.tboneoutdoors.com.

To keep up with Michael Waddell, "T-Bone" and Nick Mundt’s bowhunting adventures, check out www.bonecollector.com.


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