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2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo Review

Check out Marc Smith's review on the all-new Hoyt Vector Turbo.


They say you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. Well, that’s just not true, especially if the old dog is this graying, middle-aged, veteran bowhunter of almost 30 years and the new trick is the all new Vector Turbo from Hoyt! I admit there was a time in my bowhunting career when I thought speed was everything. Fast bows seemed to be the rage in the late 90’s. Every bow manufacturer was trying to break the 300 feet per second benchmark. Hoyt did their part by introducing the Viper in 1999 and I can attest that the Viper was a shooter; I won the 2000 New Mexico, NFAA Spring Indoor tournament Bowhunter Freestyle division with one and harvested a truckload of game with it. As time went on and I grew older and more savvy to bowhunting I looked for more forgiving,  longer axle to axle bows with a generous brace height, for years my bow of choice was the classic, Hoyt UltraTec. 

Recently I have been enamored with the Carbon Matrix and Carbon Element bows from Hoyt.  But when I saw the specs of 340 FPS, 35 inch axle to axle 6 inch brace height configuration of the Vector Turbo, it sparked my interest in speed again. I went to the local Hoyt dealer here in Colorado and they just happened to have one in stock. Let me tell you, it was love at first sight.  One shot and I was convinced, this bow had a place in my arsenal for 2012! I paced my order and the bow showed up in just a few days.  After putting it together here are the results.


The draw cycle of the all new RKT cam is unbelievably smooth. The Hoyt engineers have created a cam that delivers incredible speed with a smooth draw cycle by developing the ErgoDraw technology. In hunting and target archery, not all shots materialize and sometimes you have to let down. The smooth cycle allows you to let down without being “Sucked” through the riser.  The dramatic let down of other cams out there has a very negative effect.  It can spooks game for one, creates sore shoulders and back and sometime it can cause an arrow to inadvertently bounce off the shelf and drop to the ground, not good if you’re within bow range of a trophy class animal! The RKT Cam with ErgoDraw Technology is designed for performance and comfort though the full spectrum of draw length adjustments. And there is no sacrifice in speed even at the shorter draw lengths and there is plenty of valley for the longer draw length shooters.  Also for 2012 the In-Line Roller Guard system has been refined.  The rollers have been pared down a bit creating a much smoother draw resulting in very little resistance on the cables.

For more information on RKT Cams and ErgoDraw technology check out Hoyt’s youtube channel and see the review of these technologies.



The Perfect Balance Stabilization Technology of the Vector Turbo is a feature not experienced with any other “speed bow”.  The feel of the ErgoDraw in conjunction with the PefectBalance Technology makes this speed demon aim and hold like a true target bow. Even without a stabilizer the Vector Turbo is rock solid and at the shot there is a mild thump, followed by a tremendous “WHACK” of the arrow impacting the target with undeniable energy. 


The Pro Lock X-Lite Pocket of the Vector Turbo is the smoothest most precise adjustable limb pocket I’ve seen. I literally used two fingers to adjust the weight on my Vector Turbo.  The Barrel nut and ultra-sleek Pro Lock X-Lite limb pocket is the smoothest, yet durably designed limb pocket in the industry. Being a back country bowhunter, I appreciate the ruggedness of the Hoyt’s pocket designs; the last thing I need is to worry about limb shift when my bow gets bumped around.

For as much as I shoot and hunt, I love how Hoyt only uses hi-grade sealed bearings in their roller guard and cams. I don’t have to worry about a plastic bushing wearing out or reacting differently when the weather gets bad. And for me, a high performance laminated limb is a must. Hoyt builds their limbs to last, the dependability you need if you’re taking this sport serious.  


I ordered my Vector Turbo in the 29 inch 65 pound configuration.  I set it up with all of my favorite accessories including the FUSE Carbon Blade 10 inch stabilizer and 4 arrow two piece Hoyt Pro Series Quiver.  I set up a dozen of Easton Flat Line Surgical .400 spine shafts tipped with 75 grain broadheads with a total arrow weight 330 grains.  After a couple of rest and sight adjustments I shot through the paper tuner and with just two clicks I had perfect bullet holes.  I then headed to the chronograph.  To my amazement my arrows were leaving the bow at a whopping 334 feet per second consistently.  Never before have I achieved that speed at such low poundage, though my arrows are ultra light weight according to some standards, I was well within the ATA standard of 5 grains of arrow weight per pound of drawing weight. This speedy light weight configuration produces 82 Foot Pounds of Kinetic Energy, more than enough for any North American big game animal. Once the bow was tuned and sighted in I shot group after group, pounding the X-ring time and time again.   I took the bow outside and out to 80 yards I was achieving groups that were far superior to any ever shot with a low brace height speed bow. What I really noticed was that I had to start my pins at 30 yards.  There simply was no need in having a 20 and a 30 yard sight pin. In fact, when I sighted in at 32 yards I was only 4 inches high at 20 yards and 8 inches low at 40 yards, that is about as flat of a bow rig as you can get! 

In The Feild:

I received the Vector Turbo just in time to take it with me on a recent mule deer hunt in Utah. I hunted with fellow Hoyt Prostaffer; Dennis Howell in southern Utah in the 2011 early season and did not fill my tag. I took advantage of the extended season and made a late season trip to the famous Wasatch Front near Salt Lake City. Though I hunted hard for 5 days and got close a couple of times on some dandy bucks, no real shot opportunities presented themselves. I really appreciated The Tec Lite riser design of the Vector Turbo, as it carried very well on my pack and in my hand as I climbed and hiked through the Mount Olympus wilderness and surrounding steep mountains.

I will agree with most people that say speed is not everything. However, there’re occasions when a flat shooting, hard hitting bow rig would have made the difference between a back strap dinner and a big bowl of tag soup or the difference between making the shoot down round at an IBO 3-D event or just being a spectator from the stands. If you’re looking for a true speed bow that is butter smooth to draw, shoot and let down, that aims like a target bow and carries like an extension of your arm, look no further than the 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo. This bow is loaded full of brand new technology and sets a new standard for what a speed bow can deliver. Hoyt…teaches old dogs new tricks since 1931!

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