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"NOCK ON, Dude!"

Hoyt Pro Staffer John Dudley creates new archery brand and TV show for today's diehard generation of archers!

HOYT: What exactly is “Nock On”?

JOHN: “Nock On” is an all-new, premier archery lifestyle brand created specifically to celebrate the dedicated, passionate archery lifestyle. The Nock On name and logo are symbols that convey what the newer generation of archers is all about all across the world. You’d be hard pressed to find more dedicated people in the world than archers, and there’s no better way to “fly the international archery flag” than by sporting the Nock On logo! Regardless of where you’re from, showing the Nock On sign signifies your strong passion and love for the sport of archery!

It became obvious to me that today’s archers needed a symbol they could rally around – something that captures their passion for the sport, something that represents and communicates all aspects of their “HARD NOCK” lifestyle, as I like to call it. I’m confident that the Nock On name and logo, and what it stands for, will be just that. Nock On symbolizes this active, youthful, diehard archery lifestyle for shooters around the globe – no matter what kind of gear they shoot or where they hunt. I have great friends that shoot different disciplines of archery than me, as well as different brands. The bottom line is we are all archers, and we need to stick together to grow our great sport. 

Nock On has also evolved into a dynamic new show – Nock On TV! We’ve combined fast paced, “Nock ‘n Roll” style hunting and archery lifestyle footage with very useful shooting tips and techniques. It will air on the Sportsman Channel Fridays at 9:00 p.m. EST. The Premier is New Year’s Eve!

HOYT: Where did you come up with the ”Nock On” name?

JOHN: Anyone who takes their hunting and shooting seriously will instantly relate to the meaning and feeling behind the Nock On name. Nock On is an archer’s way of saying “Right On!”. It’s meant to describe the excitement we shooters feel each time we pick up our bows.

It’s that moment when you and your buddies are about to hit the woods, and you’re just psyched to be there. You bump fists and say, “Nock On, dude!” Or for others, it could be that moment when you’re standing at the line in a major archery tournament. You’ve just shot a perfect 900, and your heart is pounding – and you’ve conquered that pinnacle moment. Nock On! 

Likewise, it could also be the moment right after you miss your mark on your way to that perfect score. You’ve got to pull yourself together, regroup, and focus on your next opportunity. There’s always another arrow in the quiver, so Nock On! I think it’s a feeling that all serious shooters will identify with. 

If you’ve got a bow in your hand and arrows in your quiver, life is good … and life is archery! Nock On!

HOYT: How does “Nock On TV” stand out from other shows? 

JOHN: Nock On TV is created for a very specific audience - the newer, passionate generation of target archers and bowhunters. There’s definitely a new breed of shooters out there, and Nock On TV is for them. It’s all about improving our skills as we go. Sure, it’s about intense bowhunting action, but it’s also about so much more. It documents the things that truly passionate archers do day-in, day-out, the fun we have as friends, the highs and lows in the field, but it also covers important things like practicing, competing in tournaments, tuning our gear, etc. The show is fast-paced, edgy, and dynamic – with some great rock ‘roll music thrown in the mix. 

Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty laid back, but I get pumped to shoot my bow, hunt and teach others how to hone their shooting form. I feel that as an experienced target archer, hunter, writer and coach, I’m uniquely qualified to deliver relevant, interesting, entertaining and practical insights on shooting, form, technique, gear, hunting strategy and other topics that will benefit both bowhunters and target archers. I love helping people be better archers, and Nock On TV will definitely do that in an entertaining, modern, dynamic way! 

HOYT: Tell us about the “Nock On” Store. What can fans purchase there?

JOHN: The Nock On Store is a new online/e-commerce store where shooters can get trendy Nock On gear to wear in their daily lives. The store has everything from hats, Tees and hoodies to performance wear and other items. We have something for shooters of all ages - men, women, and youth alike!

I wanted to offer trendy, eye-catching Nock On apparel and gear that would be appealing to all types of shooters. Nock On apparel definitely isn’t just for hunters. Yes, I hunt a few months of the year, but I spend much more time traveling the globe working with dedicated archers, and it was critical to me that Nock On be appealing to international archers. It was also important that the Nock On vibe be something that entire families can relate to – as most serious shooters have wives, husbands and kids who share their passion for archery, and embrace their active archery lifestyle. 

The Nock On brand is all about this active archery lifestyle, and the Nock On Store offers gear that helps people show the world they’re a proud member of the archery community, and part of the next generation of serious archers. 

I want people to realize that no matter what archery equipment they shoot, we want them to be a proud member of the ever-growing Nock On archery community. Nock On gear allows all shooters to show who they are - any time of the day or night, no matter if they’re out to dinner with their family, hanging out with their friends, etc. After all, even the most hardcore hunters know we can’t live in camo all the time! 

So, if you’re a diehard archer, show your archery pride, and your passion and love for the sport by joining the Nock On community, and by sporting the Nock On logo – the new international symbol of archery!

To learn more about John Dudley and his hit new show, “Nock On TV”, visit www.nockontv.com.

Click HERE to check out the Nock On commercial!

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