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Hot or Mild?

Hot or Mild? Cats or Dogs? Typical or Non-Typical? Get to know Trevon Stoltzfus from Outback Outdoors.

Boneless Wings or Regular?

Boneless Wings.... more meat less work!


Hot or Mild?

Hot - Bring on the fire!


Ranch or Blue Cheese?

Ranch.. on hot wings and anything Italian.... Pizza, Lasagna etc...


Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Strips?

Chicken Nuggets.


White or Wheat?



Window or Aisle?

Window, unless my wife wants the window, then I'll do aisle.... happy wife, happy life.


Can or Bottle?



Ice or no ice?



Straw or no Straw?

No Straw.


Soup or Salad?

Salad, with lots of ranch!


Dogs or Cats?



NFL or College?

College, those players leave it all on the field!


Married or Single?

Married. I have a beautiful wife Sandy of 15 years and an awesome 8 year old daughter Avery.


Night owl or heavy sleeper?

Night owl..... I can't seem to turn my brain off.


Gas or Diesel?

Diesel... I have a 7.3 Liter Powerstroke Diesel... Love the RAW power!


Fixed or Mechanical?

Mechanical... I wasn't always, but I am a believer! Rage 2 blades have won me over!


Typical or Non-Typical?

BOTH, hard to beat any mature buck or bull regardless of horn configuration.


Aggressive Caller or Sparingly?

Aggressive, I tend to call aggressively in late September, but the most important part of calling is knowing when to shut up!


Real Rattle Antlers or manufactured?

No preference.


Treestand or Groundblind?

I like what I can see from a treestand but I also like being on ground level with the animals.


Spot and Stalk or Ambush?

SPOT and STALK hands down! My favorite way to bowhunt for sure, with most of the odds in the animals favor as a bowhunter you have to get in quiet, get in close, and beat all of their senses on their turf! Very rewarding!


Rubber Boots or Leather?

Leather, mainly because most of the hunting I do is on the ground spotting and stalking deer, antelope and elk.


Beanie or Ball Cap?

Ball cap, with a nice rolled brim!!! None of this flat brim stuff for me, I can't pull that look off!


Hoyt or Hoyt?
 Ha! Definitely HOYT.... Carbon Spyder !!!

Catch Outback Outdoors on Full Draw Friday Nights on the Sportsmen's Channel. It's a great show with incredible footage, excellent production value, catchy music and lots of big bucks and bulls.


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