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Pro Staff Corner with Logan Wilde!

Hoyt Pro Staffer, Logan Wilde, gives us the inside scoop on what it was like to grow up amongst a family of archery's finest, work in the archery industry and an insight on his 2011 season.

Hoyt: How long have you been into archery and how did you get started?


Logan:  I have been around archery for as long as I can remember. I have seen a picture of myself at the age of 5 shooting an old recurve that my dad found when he was younger.  I started hunting at the age of 12 but didn’t get involved in target archery until I turned 17.


Hoyt: What made you want to be a Professional Archer? 


Logan:  In 1995, both my dad and brother won Vegas in their respective divisions, and in 1997, my dad won the world indoor in Instanbul, Turkey.  I thought that it was so cool and something I wanted to get involved in. And I had pretty good coaches to teach me.


Hoyt: What are the practice sessions like at the Wilde house? Between Dee, Reo and yourself?


Logan:  Our practice sessions have always been something hard to explain unless you get to see them in person.  Not many places in the world can you shoot a 300 with 28x’s and come in third, or shoot a world record breaking score outdoor and still not be the high score.  It helps drive you to become a better shooter.


Hoyt: What’s a day at work like at Easton Archery?


Logan:  Today? Actually fletching arrows. LOL! On a normal day, the first thing is to make sure all international staff shooter orders are processed so they will ship when ready.  After that, I answer all the technical emails that come into Easton, handle any domestic Pro Staff orders that come in, and work with our QA department on warranty matters.


Hoyt: Being a top ranked archer, what are some upsides and downsides to working in the archery industry?


Logan:  The biggest advantage is that you get to know a lot of great people in archery and your opinion carries a little bit of weight.  The biggest downside is that you have to make sure to take breaks from shooting and practice when possible because you talk about archery every day and you can become burnt out before the end of the season.


Hoyt: What are your tournament plans for the 2011 season? Where have you been so far and what have you accomplished?


Logan:  My plans are to attend a lot of domestic and a few international tournaments, and possibly the World Outdoor.  So far this season I have been to Face2Face where I finished 8th, Utah Open finishing 1st, Iowa Pro Am finishing 12th, and Nimes, France finishing 3rd.


Hoyt: What bow are you shooting?


Logan:  Currently, I'm shooting the Hoyt Vantage Elite Plus, 58 lbs with 21 lbs holding weight.


Hoyt: Besides archery, what else are you in to?


Logan:  I truly enjoy going fishing with the family and getting to go on roadtrips with my wife.

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