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Hoyt Competition Recurves have propelled more archers to the podium than any other brand of recurves. High-tech, smooth, accurate and reliable, Hoyt is the overwhelming choice of recurve enthusiasts worldwide.


Showcasing the best-loved bow reaction in the world, Hoyt’s World-Championship winning Nexus has become a leading choice of archers worldwide. The 25” Nexus boasts five strategically located stabilizer and weight mounting options, three grip height options, and features the super-reliable Hardlock limb alignment system. Nexus’ highly responsive flex pattern gives direct comfortable feedback to the shooter. Adding to the great shootability and comfort of the Nexus is Hoyt’s exclusive RizerShox system which helps reduce high frequency vibrations. Take your shooting to the next level, with Nexus.


Featuring dynamic flex-tuned technology, the neutrally-balanced Helix appeals to shooters seeking a stable, dynamic shot reaction, while the patented TEC design and RizerShox technology eliminates a wide spectrum of vibration and noise. Helix features three grip options providing for ideal hand placement and follow-through. Hoyt’s proven Hardlock radial locking dovetail system makes for easy setup and security. The ultra-accurate rest position and five strategically located stainless steel stabilizer and weight mounts are other features that place Helix at the top of the most-wanted list for recurve enthusiasts worldwide.

Should I choose the Helix, or the Nexus?


Hoyt’s world-class handcrafted recurve limbs are acknowledged as the most accurate, stable, high-performance recurve limbs in the world. Champions insist on Hoyt limbs to take them to the top of the podium.

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High-Polish Anodized Colors:

High Polish Anodized Colors

Target Paint Finishes:

Target Paint Finishes
Model Lengths Mass Weight Riser Style
Nexus* 23”
2.85 lbs.
1,292 grams
Hoyt Flex-Tuned
Deflex Geometry
Helix 25” 2.98 lbs.
1,351 grams
Hoyt Flex-Tuned TEC
Deflex Geometry

*Specs based on 25” length 23” length is 2.725 lbs. (1,236 grams)

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